Colchicum luteum Baker (Suranjan Talkh): Current Perspective on Therapeutic Properties

Document Type : Review


1 Department of Ilaj bit Tadbeer, Sanskriti Unani Medical College Chhata, Mathura, UP, India

2 Department of Ilaj bit Tadbeer, National Institute of Unani Medicine, Kottigepalya, Magadi Main Road, Bengaluru, India

3 Department of Tahaffuzi wa Samaji tib, Sanskriti Unani Medical College Chhata, Mathura UP, India


Suranjan(Colchicum luteum baker) is one of the oldest drugs known to mankind. Suranjan Talkh is considered as the first line drug in the management of arthritis (WajaʻulMafaṣil). Colchicum luteum is one of the rarest and hence most expensive medicinal plants. This drug has a momentous position in the Unani system of medicine and text. It is an active part of many Unani formulations due to the presence of the alkaloid colchicine, which is claimed to be effective in arthritis, gout, rheumatism, and used as a carminative, laxative, and aphrodisiac. It is also applied externally to relieve inflammation and pain. The main objective of this review paper is to elucidate the taxonomic, pharmacognostic, and physicochemical behaviour of Colchicum luteum. The present paper is also an attempt to bring this effective drug to limelight by describing its palliative, therapeutic and other uses.


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