Psoriasis (Dau-S-Sadaf) with Reference to Unani Medicine and Modern Medical Updates

Document Type : Review


Amraze Jild wa Zohrawia, Faculty of Unani Medicine , Aligarh Muslim University


The Unani classical literature and manuscripts are rich sources of knowledge which must be brought on surface and revealed. The descriptions of diseases and disorders are either available with other terms or as per clinical sign and symptoms. The descriptions are required to be compiled and furnished in a sequential and more understandable manner for the medical world. After exhaustive review of authentic texts of Unani system and knowledge update of psoriasis, it was found that yet the modern medicine has no conclusive idea about the disease pathogenesis, while descriptions of Unani physicians have a lot of scope to be explored in terms of pathogenesis and treatment of psoriasis. Their descriptions show the idea and interest of Unani scholars in psoriasis like dermatological presentations. The provided principle of management and Unani pharmacopeia is a rich treasure that needs to be highlighted and its reverse pharmacological studies are demands of the time. The description of disease as per the humoral concept and concept of Tabiat and temperament is interesting and logical. The management based on blood purification, elimination of morbidity either direct or through concoctive and purgative principles is more effective than other so far available and trending modes of treatment. The morbidities of heavy molecular weights could be removed directly through cupping and leeching, which has an add on effect in the treatment process with blood purification and concoctive and purgative regimes.


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