The Role of Halal Food in Healthy Lifestyle

Document Type : Perspective


Alkali Life Center, Healthy Life & Consultancy and Education, Brandium AVM R4 Residance, 23-25 Kat: 2 Daire: 7 Ataşehir-İstanbul, Turkey


Today, healthy life and healthy aging are concepts that have become much more important than ever. The covid-19 pandemic has especially made this much more pronounced. Nutrition and life habits are important for a healthy life. Increasing industrialization and technological developments in the 20th century have caused many radical changes especially in food and nutrition. These changes have increased the importance of halal food which creates a very important protective and safe area in nutrition. Although the food is suitable for the concept of halal food, they can also have harmful effects for the health in the short and long term if their naturalness are partially or completely degraded. The increase in chronic diseases related to nutrition especially causes an increase of the sick and elderly population in the world. Besides, this puts a huge financial burden on countries. It is extremely important to make production planning in a way that the food will have positive effects on human health in the processes from production to consumption by furthering the concept of halal food. In this context, it will be very beneficial for humanity to explain the concept of halal food to the whole world as a global health policy by carrying it beyond a religious requirement. 


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